About Us

Get in, loser. We’re going on a girl’s trip to
"Making Our Dreams Come True" Avenue

Social + Co Boutique was born in a car, on a road trip, in the middle of off-tune Whitney Houston and Celine Dion hits. It started as a crazy idea between 3 best friends, who quickly realized how much of a passion there actually was to make this dream a reality. The further into the trip we got, the more ideas we sparked, feeling inspired by many aspects of our travels (and maybe a few watermelon vodka slushees from Casa Rosa as well).

You see, it wasn’t that we just wanted to provide collections that were on trend and functional, (inspired by fashions at the Gulch, Nashville) rather we wanted to create a social space where women could come to feel confident and fierce. social and co boutique team photoWhen we get a group of women together, that’s the vibe we wanted to create. We always invoked that with each other, and we wanted to be able to harness that energy for women everywhere.

Our hope, at Social + Co Boutique, is that you come to us for all your most important fashionista needs. Whether you need a killer mini skirt to show off your assets, a power blazer for that pivotal business meeting, or if you are just lost in the woes of everyday life and need a pick me up confidence boost - babe, we got you! We understand that sometimes that confidence inside of us gets lost, shoved down, or tucked away. We’ve quickly discovered - that’s no way to live! We believe all women are beautiful, and deserve to feel nothing short of a goddess. Whether you’re a size XS or 2XL, we want to make sure you are feeling confident in every outfit you have in your closet. When you mingle the aspirations of a free spirited Sagittarius, a spirited Italian, and a trendy, pleather loving hairstylist, you’re bound to be in for a treat. So, buckle up babe (no seriously, buckle up, we’re going carpool karaoke-ing. And these dance moves aren’t safe). We’re going on a journey for self discovery.

Oh, and for making it this far with us, and trusting us on this journey, here’s a coupon for 10% off your first purchase: LETSGOGIRLS. We’re grateful you’re here with us!