Fall Denim Guide: 6 Must Have Outfits

The fall fashion season is here, which means it's finally time for jeans! There is something to be said about the uniqueness of fall fashion. There are so many wonderful outfit options, variations and combinations. We have asked other women about which season they love when it comes fashion. They often emphatically stated that fall is the best season for fashion. Certainly, some may disagree, we all have our inidividual thoughts and opinions on these things. But after the heat we have experienced this year, it seems that everyone is ready for the cool down. With that cool down comes such amazing opportunities to change our wardrobe, and for this fall we can't stop thinking about denim. 

What we can see about the current fall fashion trends is that we have continued our nostalgic journey through eras gone by. Denim trends continue to run through the decades, but sometimes with a new twist on an old style. Here are a few of our favorite styles along with some pairing options to consider with these jeans.


90s Straight Leg Jeans

We would be remiss to make a list about jeans and not mention the current popular trend of 90s straight leg jeans. We forgot how much we missed this nostalgic denim throwback. For some of us, the 90s doesn't feel that far away, but the return to 90s fashion was a wakeup call. The 90s have now officially entered the fashion cycle. So, you could say, at the very least, more time has passed than we all care to admit. But we revel in the return of what many have described as one of the most interesting decades in recent history.

Fall Into the 90s

90s straight leg jeans for fall denim jeans trendsBack to the 90s Straight Leg Jeans

Say hello to the 90s with these super cute light wash straight leg jeans. Honestly, with the stretchy denim, these high rise jeans are likely to be even more comfortable than you ever remember. We have paired these denim wonders with a basic tank top and a hooded plaid shacket to provide a classic 90s fall look. Enjoy time traveling in style!

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Flare Jeans

Flare Jeans are still very much on-trend and we love how many different ways these jeans can be incorporated into your fall wardrobe. What we see is a mix between classic throwback 70s flares and more modernized flared jeans combined with numerous other styles. Some current popular styles of flared jeans include heavy distressing and raw hems. This looks amazing with the wide leg openings. 

Retro Chic

Judy Blue denim jeans for fall 2022 Judy Blue By a Thread Destroyed Flare Jeans

The heavy destroyed looked of these subtle flare jeans is the perfect match for a more modern touch on a vintage 70s style. These jeans are a great fall vibe while still providing a strong expression of personality.

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Stylized Denim: Fabric Paneled, Embroidered & More

Some of our favorite fashionable denim comes in the form of unique characteristics. Elements of design that display more personality, as opposed to some of the standard everyday styles of denim. Jeans that become a statement piece that scream, "This is me! This is who I am!" Certainly you could buy any new pair of jeans and turn it into a craft project. For those that have the talent for such custom denim projects, we salute you. But for the rest of us that don't have such crafty skills, or simply don't have the time to devote, there are alternative options.

A current trend with jeans that we love are jeans with the uniquely designed fabric panels. These panels often either run down the seam or back of the jeans. Additionally, there are jeans with really cute embroidery along the seams, along the pockets or elsewhere. There are even seams that defy the standard stitching and mix it up with a braided look that is very unique. Whatever look you are going for, there are a number of really great fall denim trends out there that step away from the standard jeans design formula.

The Feminine Flex

fall 2022 aztec boho style jeansJudy Blue Free Spirit Aztec Relaxed Jeans

These jeans feature an aztec fabric panel that runs down the entire length of the seams. The aztec design exhibits a strong vibe of strength and confidence. They have a relaxed slim fit with stretchy denim which makes these jeans not only perfectly stylized, but also extremely comfortable. We have paired them with a graphic tee and a cardigan for this outfit. However, these jeans can also be used for a subtle fall boho look.

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Comfortable Skinny Jeans

Honestly, skinny jeans are timeless. We know that loose is gaining in popularity. But with the many different options, there is always a place for skinny jeans. Stretchy denim has only enhanced the comfort of skinny jeans as well. When it comes to a flattering silhouette, sorry, we feel there is simply no comparison. Certainly this may be a bit polarizing between generations, but there is a reason skinny jeans have had the staying power to be such a popular style. We are here to provide you with a few options on how to wear your skinny jeans this fall.

Feeling Pretty Fly

button fly jeans fall denim trendsJudy Blue Hips Don't Lie Hi-Rise Button Fly Skinny Jeans

Fitting in with the frequent era fluctuations of fashion, these skinny jeans feature a classic button fly that looks extremely cute. These high-rise skinny jeans also have a raw hem which is very much on-trend. They can really be worn with just about anything in your fall wardrobe.

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Now THAT'S Fall Fashion

tummy control skinny jeans for fall denim fashionJudy Blue No Limits Destroyed Tummy Control Skinny Jeans

It almost sounds like an oxymoron to call something "perfectly destroyed", but that's a great way to describe the denim on these jeans. These skinny jeans are high-rise with tummy control which make them very flattering. The acid wash and destroyed look helps to create the perfect fall outfit. Pair them with the items we show below and it's guaranteed to be a fall favorite.

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The Inner Denim Animal

leopard animal print distressed skinny jeans fall denim fashionTap Into Your Wild Leopard Patched Skinny Jeans

A great example of cute skinny jeans that have a lot to say. Animal print patches within the distressed portions of these of these black skinny jeans is more than a statement piece. It grabbed the bullhorn to let everyone know it's fall fashion season. We pair it with a comfy sweater and this turns into one of the coziest options on the list. Oh, sweet autumn, beware because these jeans have us on the prowl.

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