Our Fave Trendy Spring Outfit Essentials

Hello, beautiful spring! Err...almost. It's so close we can almost smell the flowers. Hey, winter isn't all bad, it is definitely beautiful after the snow falls and every inch of visible nature is covered in a soft fluffy white layer. But there comes a point when you get tired of shivering, heavily bundling up in layers, slipping on ice or consuming vitamin D like candy to ward off the winter blues.

We are ready to free ourselves from the cocoon we have held ourselves in all season long and venture out into the world. One of the great things about spring is the balance between cool days and warmer days. This means we get to enjoy a variety of cute outfits and test the diversity of our wardrobe. But as the spring season approaches it may be time to refresh those outfits and up your game with some new trendy clothes. 

Jackets and Shackets

Let's be real, it's not time to tuck away your favorite jacket and that cute shacket just yet. For those cool spring days you will definitely find yourself wanting to toss on some layers. Nothing could be more perfect than a comfy shacket. Is it a shirt, is it a jacket? Honestly, does it matter? Shackets are super cute and we are here for it! 

Women's Jackets and Shackets

Sweaters, Yes, Sweaters

Similarly, just because spring is right around the corner doesn't mean it's time to forget about those cozy sweaters just yet. While we are thrilled for warmer, sunnier days, we know we will soon miss cuddling up in our comfy sweaters. Let's take advantage of those chunky knit sweaters while we still can. A cropped sweater makes a perfect option as a seasonal transition piece between winter to spring.

Women's crop top sweater


Okay, fine, we have focused enough on cool weather clothing. After all, we are talking about spring outfits. We want to feel that warm sun on our skin. You know what else we want? We want some cute dresses! Whether you are looking for a maxi dress, midi dress or mini dress, the season is approaching. Floral dresses, flowy dresses...give us every dress we can get our hands on. 

Women's Dresses


Nothing says spring fashion like light layers. Kimonos make really gorgeous additions to any outfit. Kimonos will add more beauty and character to an already cute outfit. Slip a kimono over your basic tanks and tees to create diversity in your wardrobe while being extremely comfortable. We say yes!

Tunics, Tanks, Tees and Blouses

Now is the time to enjoy all of the cute tops. Layering options create versatility, but a free spirit doesn't want to be held down, and layers aren't required with all the options of a warm weather wardrobe. Consider a flowing tunic with that "I'm just here to look good and have a good time" vibe. For those moments you want to display who you are on the inside a little more deeply, consider a graphic t-shirt for a more personalized flair. What can we say about blouses? So. Many. Options. Whether you are considering a cap sleeve, long sleeve, cropped top, peplum, dropped shoulder, you name it, you're sure to look flirty and cute in many different blouses. And when you want to show a little shoulder, reach for a tank and show them what you're working with. 

Trendy Boutique Blouses Tunics Tanks Tees

There are so many wardrobe style options to consider for the upcoming season. Be prepared and stock up on new dresses, blouses, kimonos and all the wonderful items that are sure to make you feel glamorous and beautiful. Shop around for your fresh spring outfits at Social + Co Boutique.